Elke Klein

I adore fabrics -  the colours, patterns,  weaves and textures overwhelm and delight my senses. When they are laid out before me I want to start creating things right away.

My grandmother was a traditional Hungarian  costume maker. I must have been only four  years old when she introduced me to sewing,  embroidery, knitting and crocheting. So, my future  interest in creating and designing with textiles was  decided right there and then. Later, combined with  my love for film and art, I knew what my 'passion'  was. I went on to study fashion and textile design to further develop my craft and went on to work on costumes for major films and theatre.

Whether it's a costume I'm making or an art piece, I often like to work many  different materials into it. Creating  shapes and layers and giving my pieces depth and  variety. I let the material in front of me  guide me, rather than the other way round. Working this way allowes me to build unique  one-off pieces and to use materials in new ways.

My children, without knowing it, inspire and teach  me this approach. I never really know what path things are going to take. It's exciting - Anything is possible!

Handmade baskets - as show in the Designing with Fabric exhibition at the Balmain Watch House Gallery October 2011
Leotard design "Chinese Dragon" for gymnasts.
Leotard design
"18th Century Wenches", inspired by "Les Miserables"
"18th Century Wenches", inspired by "Les Miserables"
Unfinished silk rosettes for Elizabethan costume.
"Carmen" inspired ballet tutu.
Costume design for digital animated short film.
Costume design for animated short film.
Fat suit, to be worn under costume.
Costume design inspired by the novel "Titus Groan and Ghormenghast".
Fantasy design for fictitious character.
Fantasy design for fictitious character.
Elizabeth Rex Costume
Elizabeth Rex Costume
Hand trimmed fabric for Elizabethan costume.
"Elizabeth I"
Bodice detail on Elizabethan costume
Inside detail, Elizabethan costume
Wire supportasse for Elizabethan ruff
underside, Elizabethan ruff
Crown, wire work
"Gymea Lilly" fairy dress
"Native Violet" fairy dress
25. "Flannel Flower" fairy dress
"Mermaid" dress front detail
"Mermaid" dress
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